Whole Body Health Coaching

Certified Health Coach Living the Healthy Keto™ Lifestyle

I am Laura Lau Carmean, a certified Healthy Keto™ coach who has successfully shed over 45 pounds while following the Healthy Keto™ diet. I have battled weight my entire adult life. I was in my early 20s when I had my children and could not shed the extra weight brought on by my pregnancies. I discovered I could not lose my belly fat around my waist, even after attempting numerous weight-loss fads and fitness regimens. In fact, with every failed diet effort, I gained more weight. Then I received a breast cancer diagnosis when I was in my early 50s.

Getting the Solution

Due to the high doses of steroids required throughout my treatment, I put on an additional 35 pounds. I had difficulty finishing the treatment because of all the adverse effects. My body was battling the disease, the medication, and the negative side effects. I remained unwell for over two years after the treatment was over. I yearned for the life the disease and its therapies had taken away and was adamant about getting the solution to better my own health.

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Cancer Head
Whole Body Health Coaching

Journey Began

After careful research, I found Dr. Eric Berg's YouTube channel. I watched his videos for many hours before making my transition. My desired quality of life was being hampered due to my painful bones, muscle weakness, irregular sleep patterns, and significant memory loss. This is how and why my fitness journey began.

Whole Body Health Coaching

Keto Lifestyle

The ketogenic, low-carb lifestyle saved my life! I could reduce my weight and improve my health because my cravings for carbs and sugar decreased. I decided not to keep letting my sugar addiction hold me back. I studied the coaching program Dr. Berg provided, which I am now promoting to assist others in their journey for greater health.

Love to Teach

Laura enjoys sharing the Healthy Ketogenic™ lifestyle with others and showing them how to become healthier and better versions of themselves. In addition to being a Keto instructor, she is a mother to two adult daughters and a grandmother to six grandchildren. Nothing is more fulfilling to her than assisting others in achieving health and living their best lives.

Secrets to Diet & Fasting

Dr. Eric Berg taught me all the secrets to the Healthy Ketogenic™ diet and intermittent fasting. His 29 years of experience has helped more than 40,000 people achieve their weight and health objectives using diet techniques and a fasting regimen. I am committed to bringing a wealth of healthy nutrition information and sharing knowledge to help you succeed and move forward toward better health.