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Whole Body Health Coaching

Online and In-Person Health Consultant Promoting Healthy Keto ™ Diet and Intermittent Fasting

Whole Body Health Coaching is a health coaching service specialized and certified in the Healthy Ketogenic™ lifestyle. My name is Laura and I’m the founder and owner of Whole Body Health Coaching. I want to help you succeed on your health journey by offering individualized, one-on-one coaching created specifically to achieve your health goals. I have helped many clients improve their mood and energy levels, stabilize their blood sugar, improve their gut health & digestion, reduce inflammation, and more by harnessing the power of diet, fasting and movement.

Whole Body Health Coaching

Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Keto™ and intermittent fasting lifestyles not only help you lose extra weight but are also sustainable and will increase your energy level, sleep quality, digestion and make you feel healthier overall.

Whole Body Health Coaching
Whole Body Health Coaching

Better Health, Better Fitness

I have been promoting and practicing this lifestyle for over 5 years and have lost 45 pounds! I sleep better, have more energy, and my memory is sharper. I love to talk about anything Keto-related and enjoy showing others how it functions and how they can feel better and achieve success.

This lifestyle works for almost anyone. There are, however, some health and food myths we have been taught that need to be unlearned to win at successfully feeling better. I can help you identify those myths and show you what really works!

Whole Body Health Coaching
Whole Body Health Coaching

Personalized Coaching

My coaching program is here to educate you enough to place you on the right track so you can easily advance on your fitness path.

Get in touch with me once you have decided to continue living a healthier lifestyle, and I will schedule a free, no-obligation consultation over the phone or in person. I will give you the resources you need to switch from burning sugar to burning fat so your body can start healing itself.

Whole Body Health Coaching


Whole Body Health Coaching

I was interested in learning more about healthy keto from Laura because of her energy and enthusiasm about the good food she talked about making. I was pessimistic that the Healthy Keto Plan would work for me, but it actually has!

After just the second week on the healthy keto plan, I had more energy, needed less sleep, lost some fat around my waistline, and am finding it very doable for myself, my family and our busy life! Keto life is an adventure for us! Laura has been so instrumental in my success; offering encouragement, menu ideas, food replacement, the science of ketosis, and no judgement.

I am loving the plan more than I had anticipated I would because I’ve never been a “dieter”. It’s so doable as a lifestyle and I recommend it to anyone who’s looking to feel better and be healthier and Laura can help you on your journey!

-Heidi M.

Whole Body Health Coaching

After an illness which had left me very malnourished, I tried various traditional “diets” and modalities which still left me in need of something else to get my strength back and meet nutritional requirements. There were also lifestyle changes in eating that I felt needed modification to achieve not only a better quality of life, but also get back the energy I needed to do the things I was able to do previously.

I had heard of Keto before and decided to give it a try. After contacting Laura, I noticed right away her enthusiasm (which can be contagious) and her knowledge of the Healthy Keto lifestyle and intermittent fasting.

With Laura’s non-judgmental coaching, guidance, and encouragement, I can certainly say my energy has rebounded, sleep is much better, and unexpectedly, my complexion is better! Her compassion was a big help in my quest for better health and understanding of my particular nutritional needs.

On a side note, I am far from being a good cook, but her recipe suggestions made it appear that I am!

I very highly recommend Laura as your Healthy Keto coach.

-Don L.

Whole Body Health Coaching

Before I met Laura, I was very frustrated with how I felt and looked.  I have several health issues that have gotten worse over the last several years, as well as putting on a few pounds with every passing year.

After many failed attempts at getting healthier, I thought I would try it with the help of a coach.  Laura was clear from the start what I needed to do and helped me stay on track.  Her tips and recipes kept me from backsliding many times.  I feel better than I have in years!

I never realized how vital the right kind of foods would be to my health.  I am so, so grateful that I found Laura.  I will follow her program for the rest of my life.  Thank you, Laura!

-Elizabeth W.